Our furbabies are important members of our families. Their love and affection is a treasured part of our lives. Our fur babies deserve the Anovite advantage. We know there is a direct correlation between health and the quality of nutrition. Most dog and cat foods offer minimal positive supplements to their diets. The primary ingredient consists of grains. The results, our pets suffer the effects of obesity and loss of energy. Our pet lines are designed to help your pets achieve a healthy boost to their immune system with added minerals, vitamins, and mineral supplements.

I use Canine6 powder with my tiny Yorkie puppy. She is only 2 1/2 pounds and is currently 5 months of age. I have never had a problem with issues that are commonly found in the breed at such a small body weight. Canine6 first thing in the morning with fresh water and she actually sits and waits for me to “fetch it” out of my kitchen cabinet! I have a healthy, happy puppy!

– Haley S.

My dog won’t eat dinner without it!

-Bill Easter