Our furbabies are important members of our families. Their love and affection is a treasured part of our lives. Our fur babies deserve the Anovite advantage. We know there is a direct correlation between health and the quality of nutrition. Most dog and cat foods offer minimal positive supplements to their diets. The primary ingredient consists of grains. The results, our pets suffer the effects of obesity and loss of energy. Our pet lines are designed to help your pets achieve a healthy boost to their immune system with added minerals, vitamins, and mineral supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! Especially those who need to be supplemented due to mom not being around this happens a ton in rescues. A lack of colostrum has around a 75% fatality rate. And Canine6 or Feline6 can be mixed directly with a formula to fill the gap.


Pets seem to be more active, less lazy, and happier in general.


Colostrum supports natural flora & deters bad flora. Certain electrolyte prerequisites are needed for proper gut absorption and colostrum helps balance these requirements to ensure proper absorption.


NONE! No contraindications


Not just for dogs & cats, colostrum Works the SAME for all mammals! And even reptiles & birds!



“My name is Dr. J Augustus Brooks. I am a practicing veterinarian of over 28 years. I own a small animal hospital in Michigan. During my career, I have been introduced to hundreds of products. Veterinarians are on a never-ending search for the best!

A few years ago, I was introduced to Anovite and their colostrum products. The science of colostrum is well established in the field of Veterinary Medicine. It’s importance to all mammals is factual. In Veterinary Medical School, our exposure is minimal at best. Why? Well up to now, We are not in control of the distribution of it to our patients and there is no substitution available. All colostrum supplements are synthetic. Therefore, they do not perform as pure colostrum does.

Anovite has the only pure, unchanged natural 100% colostrum on the market. It crosses the blood-brain barrier, as pure colostrum should. As a result, the benefits are unmatched. This is revolutionary!! Never before, as practitioners have we had a source of colostrum in a stable, readily available form to use in support of traditional medicine.

There is no safer, effective substance to put in your pets’ system than Anovite colostrum. All mammals need a specific amount of orally ingested colostrum at birth with in the first 24 hours. This ensures proper development of the Metabolic, Cardiac, Endocrine, Immune and Skeletal systems. Without colostrum, your pet may not be living the fullest life possible.

Now, supplement with colostrum Canine6 or Feline6 you know you are doing the most possible to ensure your pet is getting the essential factors and nutrients for proper health, growth, and quality of life. Classified as a food, Canine 6 and Feline 6 has whatever your pet is deficient in and more to provide proper body support, Immune, Endocrine, Cardiac, Metabolic and nutritional balance. With over 700 constituents, Anovite’s Canine6 and Feline 6 leaves nothing to question.

There is no substitute!!”