Anti-Aging – OxyQuest

Oxygen is so vital to our existence. Oxygen deficiency in our cells is considered by many medical experts to be the root cause of many degenerative diseases that attack and destroy our immune system. A constant and adequate supply of oxygen promotes a healthy immune system. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles and environmental pollution are depleting the levels of oxygen in the air. Scientists have determined that the oxygen content in our atmosphere is being reduced by about 0.8% every 15 years. OxyQuest helps to increase the oxygen content in our bloodstream, thus helping us to stay healthy. You will be amazed by the benefits produced by these little drops of OxyQuest! So, start giving your cells the “breath of life”.

  • Maintenance 20 drops 3x/day in 4-6 oz of water
  • Moderate 40-50 drops 3x/day in 4-6oz of water
  • Advanced 100 drops 3x/day in 4-6oz of water